29 November - 01 December 2017

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Digital Pricing Summit Agenda

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Effective sales strategies for different Geo-Regions

Conceptually, there is widespread acceptance of the idea that marketing and product offerings should adjust based on consumer geography. Unfortunately, there are substantial technical, regulatory, and financia ...

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The Pricing Handbook - Case studies from Amazon, Apple and American Airlines

Value Based Pricing - Disruptive Technologies - Process GovernanceA 1% price rise at an average company will generate an 8%increase in operating profits if sales volume stays steady. What to do: Benchmark against your competitors and drive revenue through innovative strategies!This handbook gives you an insight into the following aspects:#1 E-Commerce:...

Pricing Handbook II - From value-based pricing to technology-driven dynamic pricing at Amazon

Optimize your pricing strategy and reach a competitive advantage in pricing by employing the same innovative thinking used in product development!Recent years have seen a massive increase in innovation in consumer markets. Businesses large and small have created products and services that tailor to every possible need. However, event investing...

A Thomas Cook auction based experiment to optimal pricing

Stephan Reis, Head of Pricing at Thomas Cook presented an experience with a new research technique on this years European Pricing conference.You want to get feedback on different value propositions and you want to determine the optimal price?Have a look at the presentation and the way Thomas Cook finds its...

NeuroPricing - a way to increase revenues?

Dr. Kai-Markus Müller, CEO at the Neuromarketing Labs and Loon Lee, Senior Pricing Manager at Philips Healthcare gave a presentation on this years 'European Pricing Conference' about NeuroPricing. How to decode and utilize unconscious value perception in order to find the optimal price? See how PepsiCo and Starbucks found their perfect price.Download...

Navetti - case study of how a strong pricing strategy can affect your business!

This case study shows how Navetti helped appliance giant Electrolux increase profitability. Have a look at the case study "Spare parts pricing cooked to perfection" and learn about:The challengeCentral, value-based pricing system Numbers prove successSome comments:"We realized that we needed to solve the problem by establishing the common of consumer pricing across...


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